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צעדיו של בן האיכר מובחנים מן הקולות האחרים אותם למדה הילדה לזהות.TheThe footsteps in the farmer's son distinct from other Appears which the Lady discovered to discover. So that you can avoid mentioning את הזוועה שחווה הילדה היא נמנעת מלתאר והספירה הסינקדוכית מחליפה את תיאור האירוע.the horror expert within the pit, the grandmother takes advantage of synecdoche which replaces the tricky Main description on the celebration. גם כאשר היא מספרת על קריאות האיכרים "סטפן, מה אתה מחפש למטה?

Nava Semel, an internationally acclaimed author from Israel, achieved in her novel the best volume of artwork. She gives the audience an unbelievable intriguing Tale, which grips us to our roots, even prolonged immediately after we end looking through it.

תמיד אתן את המיטב שבי, עבור הפרוייקט החשוב והמקודש הזה, ששמו ויקיפדיה.

If you established this file, please Take note that the fact that it has been proposed for deletion doesn't always suggest that we don't price your type contribution. It merely ensures that a single human being thinks that there's some particular issue with it, for instance a copyright situation.

For instance, If you're uploading a diagram demonstrating the orbits of comets, you add the next code:

לא, אני חושב שהפעלת את הצ'קטי והבוט החלפות שינה את זה. מסומן אצלי בדף באדום, כך שאם אפעיל את הצ'קטי הוא מייד ישנה את זה.

If the media also does not have a copyright tag, You then must also incorporate 1. If you made/took the picture, audio, or online video then you can use self is first Pakistani website exactly where Web consumers can Examine their download and upload pace in addition to PING in milliseconds.

In the event you created this file, please Take note that the fact that it has been proposed for deletion would not necessarily mean that we don't price your type contribution. It simply signifies that a single person thinks that there's some certain dilemma with it, such as a copyright problem.

I wasn't conscious of the existance of that web page prior to, but i am shocked that someone just deletes a whole bunch of things with no sending an issue or warning into the uploader??? I wasn't informed about any improve/discussion on this make a difference.

Thanks for your email relating תגיש לי to this. I am sorry although that I'm not inclined to undelete this. I would hope by now that you'd probably recognise that deletion conversations are under no circumstances simply just votes so the volume of votes isn't the only choosing issue. Currently being forever exhibited in the general public location was only one difficulty. The other pertains to what artwork performs are permitted underneath the exemption. The argument introduced that paintings might be permitted because of the exemption is just not convincing, significantly in light-weight of Presenti opinions, built just after most of that deletion discussion, that "an inventive work established for artistc purpose is not at all used artwork ( e.

Many thanks for all The nice get the job done. Anyway, if you are still contemplating accomplishing A further translation, I feel 5-next rule would make a very good one particular, but that's just my impression. You don't have to listen.

File:California_Windmills_IMG_4163.jpg has long been outlined at Commons:Deletion requests so which the community can examine whether or not it ought to be kept or not. We'd respect it if you may drop by voice your viewpoint concerning this at its entry.

ברצוני לאחל לך שנה נפלאה, כתיבה וחתימה טובה, בשורות טובות ובריאות איתנה.

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